Agapé Chicago
inviting Chicago to feast on the love of Jesus
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Table Values

Table Values

We want to be known for what we promote when we gather to feast. In a beautiful but broken city, we want to be known for having worthy values flowing out of what we love.

1. Renewing Gospel:

The Gospel, the message of God making peace with humanity through Jesus, is the victory of God over our greatest enemies; sin, death, and Satan. We seek to make the Gospel central in our life together. Our mission is defined by it. Our desires are bound up with it. Our growth is impossible without it. We want above everything else to be known for growing and reaching out through the power of the Gospel. Our meals will be full of people celebrating the Gospel.

2. Embracing Difference:

The Gospel is about how Jesus makes different people one, one in Him. It is not enough to be “nice” to those that are different or be tolerant of our differences. The work of God compels appreciation of and learning from those that are different from ourselves. We want to reflect the desire of Christ for difference in His body by reflecting the differences in our neighborhood. We want young and old, male and female, poor and rich, educated and non­-educated, white, black, asian, and Hispanic to embrace each other at Agapé Chicago Our meals will be full of people that apart from Jesus would never eat together.

3. Multiplying Disciples:

The Gospel declares that Jesus now rules heaven and earth. Thus people are all to learn from Jesus and teach others to obey Jesus in everything. All Christian are disciples and ought lead others to know and obey Jesus. Discipleship is an all of life endeavor whereby we obey everything Jesus commanded in every sphere of our lives. When we multiply disciples, everything that makes disciples will multiply Our friendships, our roots groups, our Agapé Communities, our influence, and even churches multiply. When we multiply disciples, healthier churches will multiply as well.