Agapé Chicago
inviting Chicago to feast on the love of Jesus
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Pastor: Jeremiah Vaught

Administrator: Hannah Ferris

Music Leader: Chris Villegas


Elder Jeremiah Vaught from Agape Chicago Church in Rogers Park.
Elder Steve Johnson from Agape Chicago Church in Rogers Park.
Elder Chris Villegas from Agape Chicago Church in Rogers Park.


Scott Arnold: Deacon of Metrics

Scott Arnold

Scott Arnold, has been with Agape Chicago since its inception. He has had many roles at the church, including being a "Deacon of Fun"! Currently he serves as the Deacon of Metrics and the leader of the No Returns Agape community. As the Deacon of Metrics, his job is to use his analytical and organizational gifts to use data from our services and agape communities to identify ways in how our church can grow in loving each other. For No Returns, he labors alongside his fellow brothers and sisters in Christ and empower them to invite the refugee and immigrant population to feast upon the love of Jesus. 

Justin Copelin: Deacon of Security

Justin and his wife, Rachael, have been a part of Agape since moving to Chicago in 2013, and currently participates in the Planted community group serving young adults in the Rogers Park neighborhood.  He is pursuing his graduate studies in pastoral ministry at Moody Bible Institute with an emphasis on biblical languages and teaching.  As a former Marine and a current public safety supervisor at Moody, Justin draws on his professional experience by helping oversee security for Agape services and events.  Justin and Rachael live in the West Ridge neighborhood with their son, Nolan.

Mia Gale: Deaconess of Hospitality


Mia was born in China and came to the U.S. when she was three.  She grew up in the Uptown neighborhood, not far from Rogers Park, attending Chicago Public Schools.  She accepted Jesus as her Savior when she was attending college.  Most of her adult life she has worked with Christians.  First, as the office manager at a church in Oak Park, and now in a human resources at Moody Bible Institute.  It's about five years ago that Mia and her husband joined in starting this church plant.  She currently serves as the Deaconess of Hospitality and enjoys living here in Rogers Park.

John Bruggers: DEACOn Of A/V

John Bruggers

John has been a part of Agapé since its launch, and is currently serving as the Deacon of A/V. A role well suited for a techie, as it involves overseeing the proper function and staffing of the audio and visual equipment each Sunday. Prior to coming to Chicago in pursuit of a graduate degree at DePaul University and becoming a programmer at Chicago Public Schools, most of his formative years were spent in Peru as a missionary kid.