Agapé Chicago
inviting Chicago to feast on the love of Jesus
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What is Agapé?

  • Agapé is the most common Greek word in the Bible translated “love”.
  • Agapé is the name given to meals shared by the earliest Christians often surrounding the Lord’s Supper. Those who gathered for these Agapé meals transformed their world by teaching and embodying the good news of Jesus Christ’s life, death, and resurrection.
  • What happened at the tables of Agapé meals was more than merely partaking of meals; indeed these meals were a continuation of the revolution begun by the King they celebrated at these tables

Why Agapé?

Love. We want to be known for what we love. In a city where love is prized but rarely realized, we want to lift high love epitomized, Jesus Christ.

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Table Values. We want to be known for what we promote when we gather to feast. In a beautiful but broken city, we want to be known for having worthy values flowing out of what we love.

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