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In Case You Missed It -- 2 Chronicles 35-26, Psalm 72

Jeremiah writes lamentations over Josiah’s death (2 Chronicles 35:25). These are not the lamentations that make up an entire book of the Bible; those lamentations, which we will read in the future, are written in response to the events described in 2 Chronicles 36. After Josiah passes, Judah’s kings grow evil again and lose their power until they are eventually exiled by Babylon. Judah has seemingly lost the throne that God promised to David and his descendants forever. Israel as a whole has been ransacked. They will never again return to the power they once knew as a nation.

In addition to Lamentations, much of what remains in the Old Testament references these events through prophetic warnings about the Babylonian captivity or insight into Israel’s experiences with their judgement. Even the Old Testament’s post-exilic events indicate how much Israel as a whole, north and south, have been altered by these events.

God’s curses have come upon Israel and they will move forward trying to understand how to be a people that have seemingly lost much of what God promised them. Most importantly, Israel will be waiting for a King to sit on David’s throne…

Jeremiah Vaught