Agapé Chicago
inviting Chicago to feast on the love of Jesus
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About Us

Our Mission

Since Jesus called His first disciples to come fish for men, followers of Jesus have been known for their mission. Agapé Chicago is no different. The mission of every church is to make disciples to proclaim that Jesus came to save sinners.  We desire for our mission to line up with the mission of Jesus. However, different churches will articulate the same mission using unique language that is accessible to the people each church is called to love and serve. We hope these pages clarify the essential mission to all that are called to serve as missionaries in Agapé Chicago and to any reader interested in what is important to our church..

To introduce you to our mission we want to tell you why the word Agapé begins to describe our mission. After you learn about our name, we wish to also share about our what we love as this unites us on mission and what we celebrate when we eat as family. We hope that our meals will be a place to remind each other of our mission and to encourage each other to faithfulness to our church’s purpose. Finally we want you to know what essential beliefs that we accept as a part of a larger denomination, The Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA).