Agapé Chicago
{ inviting Chicago to feast on the love of Jesus }
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{ Sermon Series }

Walking In the Reign


This summer we will meet on the beach and focus on Jesus preaching about His kingdom. By teaching us through parables, that is short stories with a message, Jesus will invite us to follow Him. As we follow Jesus, we will be "Walking in The Reign".
- Pastor Jeremiah

{ Bible Reading Plan }

Join us as we go through a reading plan of the bible for the next two years.  If you would like to read with us you can access the plan here.

{ Where We Meet }

We currently worship at 10 AM in the Loyola Park at the end of Morse Avenue in Chicago, IL 60626.  We meet outside in the red chairs.  Please join us for worship, a message, and occasional food as we learn about what it means to really live like Jesus Reigns.


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