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{ inviting Chicago to feast on the love of Jesus }
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{ Where We Meet }

We currently worship at 10 AM at the end of West Morse Avenue at Loyola Park, Chicago IL 60626.

In the month of July, Agapé Chicago begins its series on "God's children reflecting God's light."  We are looking forward to having our services in the park by the lake.  Please come join us.

This is our Church's last week meeting for worship out on the beach!  Starting in September we will be back in the Loyola Field house.  Also starting that week is the new service times.  We will start at 11 am instead of 10 am.  Email us through the contact form for more information.

{ Social Media Contest }

From the months August through September we are having a social media competition between our community groups.  The group that wins will get to choose a prize that the church will pay for.  This may include whirly ball, laser tag, dinner, or something else approved by staff.  This month's social media focus is Facebook and Yelp.  Email us on the contact page if you would like to get involved.  The points system is:

  • Pictures on FB: 20 points
  • Video on FB: 20 points
  • Tags on FB: 10 points
  • Share on FB: 30 points
  • Likes on FB: 10 points
  • Check-in to Agape Chicago on FB: 30 points
  • Comment on FB: 20 points
  • Liking Agape Chicago on Facebook: 5 points
  • Positive Review on Yelp: 40 points
  • Positive Rating on Yelp: 20 points

Don't forget to tag us in your posts, have members of your group in the picture, and mention your community group if you want your points to count in the contest.

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